Netscape IFC & Constructor

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Jim White

Directory of Technology

Adventure Online Gaming, Inc.

Netscape DevEdge Champion for IFC


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Applications using Netscape IFC

Indius Components

Netscape Visual JavaScript

Digerati superMail

Digerati Discussor

Sarrus Pencil Me In

Visual Numerics JWAVE

Netmosphere ActionPlan

Intra2000 IntraPlan


Netscape IFC Notes

Released v1.0 December 1996.

Currently v1.1.2.

Exploits JDK 1.1 features where available.

  • Native clipboard for copy&paste.
  • Keyboard menu accelerators.
  • No application changes needed for AWT 1.1 delegation event model.

    Certified 100% Pure Java (the only GUI to do so).

  • Fully compatible with Java 1.0, Java 1.1, Java 1.2, ...
  • Distributed with Communicator 4.0.

    Uses "resource" model for GUI like MacOS & NextStep/OpenStep.

  • Plan files can be easily customized without recompiling.
  • Encapsulates user interaction for direct support of multiple languages.
  • FREE - including source!